9-Cell Classic

Parachutes Direct’s line of 9 Cell Main Canopies are the best all around canopies on the market today! Our flared construction makes way for a smoother airfoil and strength qualities that are superior to most canopies built today. For the experienced jumper who demands predictable openings and soft landings, we have a canopy to suit your individual needs. For the Drop Zone owner, feel secure with the Manta…the #1 student canopy in use today! For smooth openings, getting back from long spots, and soft landings whether you’re a jumper or a recovery system for NASA, Parachutes Direct has a canopy built for you.

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Model Area Weight Est. Pack Vol (in3) Max Suspended Weight (lbs.)
Wildfire 170 170 6.5 386 187
Clipper 195 195 7.4 398 215
Raider 220 220 8.3 445 242
Maverone 250 9.5 562 275
Manta 290 290 11.0 570 319
Man-O-War 320 320 12.1 590 352