7-Cell Reserves

Parachutes Direct’s six different sizes of reserves have been proven with years of use in the field. Our FAA TSO’d reserve canopies have undergone the most stringent testing possible.

Our flared construction makes way for a smoother airfoil and strength qualities that are superior to most canopies built today. Whether you deploy your reserve at low or high velocity, the opening speed of Parachutes Direct’s canopies is unmatched by anything on the market today. Combining this with excellent handling and landing characteristics will prove that a Parachutes Direct reserve is the right choice for you, especially when you need it the most.

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Model Area Weight Est. Pack Vol (in3) Max Suspended Weight (lbs.)
Mini Cricket 130 4.8 320 145
Cricket 145 4.9 360 160
Firelite 175 5.7 380 190
Maverick 200 6.2 415 220
Fury 220 6.6 470 242
Sharpchuter 245 7.2 475 254