7-Cell Classic

Parachutes Direct’s line of 7-Cell Main Canopies offers you a canopy for virtually any need that you may have. Our flared construction makes way for a smoother airfoil and strength qualities that are superior to most canopies built today. The inherent stability is apparent whether you have just finished a hot RW skydive or are docking on a friend for some fun CReW. With a Parachutes Direct 7-Cell in your container, you’ll be confident in your landing abilities on the DZ or during the local demonstration jumps that we all enjoy.

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Model Area Weight Est. Pack Vol (in3) Max Suspended Weight (lbs.)
Cricket 145 5.1 360 160
Firelite 175 6.0 380 190
Maverick 200 6.3 415 220
Fury 200 200 6.7 425 220
Fury 220 220 7.6 470 242
Sharpchuter 245 10.8 442 269